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Requirement Analysis

Requirement Analysis

To analyze our client's needs, we prioritize documentation first for clarity and better understanding on both sides.


A well-planned architecture provides a clear understanding and identifies the talents required in your application development program.


We assist our clients in developing engaging and interesting UI designs that explain the user-friendly flow of a website/app/platform.
Techno Tackle Software Solutions.


With client approval, we begin the development process with the technologies most suited for you and provide results within the timeframe.


Performing complete Quality assurance (QA) during the development process makes the applications reliable, accessible, and secure.


We are prepared to assist our clients with final testing, UAT, training, and final deployment of the source code and platform launch.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I want to outsource to Techno Tackle. What should I do?

Fill out our contact form with the services you need and information about your project, and we will get in touch with you immediately to further your outsourcing partnership.

Employees can begin working on a project immediately since we have a stable level of personnel resources. However, if at any given time we do not have a specialist with the necessary skills, we can provide the first candidate profiles in as little as 2-3 weeks for technologies that are in high demand (JAVA,.NET, PHP, front-end), and up to 2 months for skills that are less prevalent. We should also provide the candidate's notice term and the client's verification period (usually one month).

The most reasonable choice for most clients is for the developer or teams to work remotely from the wooCommerce offices with sporadic trips to the client's workplace. Except in cases when the client prefers to supply his equipment, which he has complete control over, the equipment is typically provided by wooCommerce.

Due to our Technical Leaders' consulting and mentoring roles, we have a quick turnaround on specialists (even overnight), a flexible strategy, and technical support for all of our specialists.

Because the former scenario occurs more frequently than the latter, according to our experience, we are ready for it and continually work to give the client the option of continuing their collaboration with a particular specialist. The contract provisions previously agreed upon control the possibility of ending the cooperation with our professionals before the date specified in the contract.

Any project can be outsourced, including creating websites, applications, testing services, and even database administration services. Businesses typically keep database administration and networking services in-house, but with reputable firms offering their expertise, You can easily outsource these needs.

Every company strives to save costs, increase productivity, and be recognized for its fundamental business principles. By lowering the expenses of recruiting professionals and maintaining the infrastructure, offshore outsourcing frequently enables organizations to achieve many of these objectives. It helps to reduce the risk of project failure and facilitates easy access to talented personnel for the need. Outsourcing firms' varied time zone locations also save a massive amount of time.

You can talk to our experts about your concerns during regular business hours. To ensure availability, we recommend that you set aside specific times each day for communication while taking into account the various time zones. You can speak with each other on the phone, via Skype, by email, or using Basecamp. You will always receive emails from us detailing the status of your work, and you are also welcome to call us during regular business hours.

We have experience in global outsourcing, and our team has the technological know- how to finish any project. We converse with our clients, probe their needs, and offer creative solutions that are the finest for their enterprise. Your data is kept private, and we safeguard other corporate assets. All of our services are reasonably priced and timely.

Often only a few days. Before we link you with a team whose services fit your needs, we first ensure we understand what you're searching for. After introducing you to the team, we'll let you decide whether you want to continue working with them.

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Let's have a discussion. If you have an idea and want to make it happen, or if you want to learn more about how we work. We will schedule a call with our project manager.

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Techno Tackle also offers the best IT outsourcing services to many enterprises in priority countries from India. By outsourcing out to Techno Tackle, you have access to the skilled workforce in India. It also provides custom development solutions in a reasonable timeframe. You can hire our professional developers on a flexible engagement model to boost quality, speed, and productivity. With Techno Tackle support, you can outsource your business's IT infrastructure. It allows you to have coverage throughout the year while reducing internal staff costs. We offer outsourced IT services as your extended development partner that lower operational expenses while immediately increasing ROI. Our talented staff members use their technical knowledge and skills to help clients get a competitive advantage in the marketplace today. Additionally, our dedicated developers are well- versed in the newest tools and technologies. It allows them to produce profitable, high- performing apps for a reasonable cost.